Hey guys it’s Babyflo’s mom… you might know me as Fallon Taylor, FT, or the unicorn obsessed, tie dye wearing, outspoken, helmet chick that is trying to change the world (or at least my part of it) for the better one person at a time!

I have seen and been through it all! But, I am finally getting to enjoy all the amazing things in life and want to help each person I meet to do the same thing! My story, at every turn, sounds like a made-for-TV movie!

What can I say…it’s been dramatic but a blast the whole way! I was born in Tampa FL where I attended private school, pool in the backyard, never seen a horse in my life kind of life. My after school homework was interrupted by a little TV time one day where I saw gorgeous, fierce women steering 1200 pound horses, running 30 mph, through an obstacle course.

That was it!

The combination of amazing parents, supportive family, and total ignorance for what I would try to accomplish was the right combination for moving all the way to Texas and never looking back — I was 7 years old, but super determined! I struggled to be the little girl that was constantly being banned for age limits from professional rodeo to being among the youngest to ever qualify for the National Finals Rodeo (rodeo Super Bowl) in Las Vegas.

I had an amazing ‘first chapter’ of my career and decided that I needed some career diversity (like I said I’ve always been adventurous/crazy) so I dropped everything, turned my horses out for a break, and moved to NYC to pursue a full time modeling career. That was lucrative and fun but a little to one-dimensional for a talker like myself. So, Los Angeles, here I come! I guest starred in several popular TV shows and movies and decided that while I loved it, the competitive spirit in me needed to go whip some tail on my horses!

I came back to Texas where I started a business of selling horses to people and helped them to gain confidence while pursuing their professional careers! It was during one of my late night training sessions that I suffered a nearly fatal head injury and my life changed for the better —forever! I now can totally relate to those who aren’t dare devils like myself, scared to go fast, and needing more confidence than ever before! After all, when you have a 2% chance of ever walking or talking again, but you still love what you do, you have to overcome hurdles you never thought you had the strength to clear! I quickly realized that going back to the NFR with a horse I raised and trained myself would be my ultimate goal, and a near death experience will sure give you the clarity about what you really want in life and why!

I wanted my family to see that I would not only come back but I would also show them that our horses lineage could be preserved and improved with some major accomplishments. So I set out to train, and train and train! I ended up qualifying and being one of the worst competitors at the 2013 NFR — so mission almost accomplished. I decided to formulate my own unique strategy to overcome major issues barrel racers face and man was it a game changer! I went from being the laughing stock of the industry to being the 2014 World Champion!! What a feat!

But to date, my biggest accomplishments lie within what value I am able to add back to every individual that sees a little of themselves in me. To take the time to post on social media inside my private world to humanize this “celebrity” that made it and instead show young men and women from all walks of life that a little dream can become massive achievement with a little focused effort.

You don’t have to be a superhero to make amazing changes in your world! I am hopeful that my career with horses and rodeo will help me encourage moms, young ladies, young men, dads, grandmas, whomever in whatever sport/field/hobby they desire to pursue to have a voice of encouragement on their side so that they may enjoy the good life!

Contrary to our news sources, good people exist that want to see amazing things happen without fear of jealousy, envy, or greed! I make a great living doing what I love and I hope that I can help empower you to earn the same or better for yourself!


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