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"Just signed up! I'm soooo excited, thank you so much for creating such an awesome way to learn from home!"


"Thursday I'm on it !!!!!! gonna spend all day watching every video! Taking notes !!!! soooo excited!!"


"Been needing this video !!!!!!!!"


"Yay!! Almost done with the videos that are up! Can't wait to see the new ones!"


"You are amazing @fallontaylor2 ?? I hope u and baby flo keep going !!!!Good job"


"Mind blown! Barrel racing college is amazing just like your run home tour clinic. Your such an inspiration! @fallontaylor2"



Happy Students


“@fallontaylor2 my sister @sydneegriffith just joined your barrel racing collage yesterday and she is planning to come to one of your clinics. I wanted you to know she is so excited and is your biggest fan. She talks about you every day even at school. You’re her biggest idle. She is an amazing sister even though she can be annoying. Just so ya know be expecting a good gift from her when she goes to one of your clinics. She’s still looking for some presents for you. I just wanted you to know all this because she is so passionate about barrel racing and recently started galloping on her horse Willow. I’m a pretty proud sister as you can tell. ????”



“Can’t wait Fallon!! I have my horse’s 2nd barrel race this weekend and I can’t wait to utilize everything I have learned from Barrel Racing College. I can already see the difference! Training without many resources and a trainer wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing advice I received from you at the TN clinic and now on Barrel Racing College! Love love love you??????”



“I love BRC because you can learn something new and immediately apply it with your own horse. There is something new and exciting to look forward to every week!! Not to mention the group is super supportive and you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals wanting to better themselves! ”



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“I joined and started barrel racing college last week and WOW. I have learned SO much so far and I can not wait to put it to work this weekend! Thank you so much Fallon for taking the time to share you knowledge with all of us!”


“I just joined BRC and couldn’t be more excited! My horses have had about a year off and I can’t wait to see where this will take us! I have already learned so much and I think the courses will help me not only in barrel racing but in life as well! @fallontaylor2”


“I love how you break down the videos and make it easy to understand what you’re teaching and how to apply it to your own horse. I look forward to continuing to learn from you!”


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“What is not to love about learning from a world champion!? Especially when ANYONE ANYWHERE can participate. I love barrel racing college because it’s real. Fallon doesn’t cut out the misbehaving ponies, the challenges… she deals with it right there in the pen like we all do everyday. #neverstoplearning #barrelracingcollege #fallonisthebestteacher”


“Barrel Racing college has helped me and my horse so much. I’ve made the small adjustments to my riding and I never knew what a difference that would make!

Thank you!! ”


“BRC IS HANDS DOWN a GAME CHANGER!!! Action packed packed w way more knowledge than what you’re paying for!! No bull, straight to the point! If you want to learn to be a pro, this is how to do it!! #InvestInEducation #KnowledgeIsPower”


Life Changer.


“I’m really happy that I decided to join barrel racing college! It’s all the little things that make a huge difference! I went from running a 17.6 before watching videos. Go a 17.403 on a standard with still some errors! But I followed so things and improved my time! I love it! Best thing I’ve ever put my money towards! Great advice! Great videos! Only been a member for about a week and I already love the group so much! Join if you haven’t! You won’t regret it! Everyone is so great that is on the page!”


“Barrel racing college has opened my mind and expanded my knowledge in a numbered days. There’s little things I’ve been struggling with as an English riding switching discplines that I now understand and have fixed some, and will apply the others as time goes on. Fallon has spent a lot of time on this, and did an absolutely amazing job and really knows how to teach a rider. Anyone that has the opportunity to attend barrel racing college should. I highly reccomend it for anyone! Everyone has something to learn, why not learn from the best? Being able to ask Fallon and a whole group of amazing people on the facebook group simple questions from what jeans you should wear, to how to fix an issue and everything in between. There’s so many different horse/rider pairs, and it’s so amazing to be learning from a world champion and growing along side many people across the world!”


“I love barrel racing college so much I know it’s going to take me places! Unlike most people I don’t have anyone helping me out, because in my town barrel racing isn’t a big thing so I’m one of the few down here.. when this came up I was so excited because I finally have a mentor to teach me and correct my mistakes! I don’t want to make any excuses anymore on why I can’t make it pro, with your help I know I can maybe not right away but I will soon! I watch your videos like if I’m watching an interesting movie! You have so much knowledge it amazes me what one little change can do to make a beautiful run! With all your advice I’m going to put it on a new horse I’m going to get for barrels and I’m so excited to see what amazing horse we create together! Barrel racing is literally all I think about and to have someone make a “college class” out of it I think is just genius! Who wouldn’t want to take a college course all about barrel racing?! You give such good advice it makes me want to do so many things you give me the confidence that I’ve never had before! If one day you don’t feel like you have changed someone’s life, just think about me because you change my life every day for the better! Love you Fallon and I love barrel racing college! Can’t wait to see what you have next for class!  ”


“Barrel racing college has been absolutely amazing. In such a short amount of time, I had already checked off all of my short term goals and have had to make new ones that I have almost already achieved! It is so hard to find a mentor or just anyone this is willing to help or “give away their secrets” and @fallontaylor2 isn’t like that. She gives freely of herself and wants to see others succeed. I have learned so much and I feel like I’m at a place where I can enjoy the journey because I don’t have to struggle so much. I am so grateful to Fallon for putting this together and I am thrilled to see where it goes from here! Also I wanted to add that it has been really encouraging to see that Fallon has had a lot of the same problems that I have and that it is possible to over come it. I also really love the Facebook group. Being able to connect with other barrel racers in a positive atmosphere has been incredible. I love being able to help people if they’re struggling with something that I learned how to overcome​ and it is so great to have an amazing support group and to be able to go there for help whenever I need it. This has been a total game changer. ”


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